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When you call Thompson Plumbing for water heater repair, maintenance or replacement, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the highest quality service from our trained staff. Attempting to replace or repair your water heater on your own can be dangerous for the inexperienced DIY’er and should be left to the pros at Thompson Plumbing. Give us a call,and in many cases, we can get hot water back to your household the same day.

Water Heater Replacement

Trust the professionals at Thompson Plumbing to replace your outdated water heater. Trusting our team to replace your water heater means our group of experts will ensure that the gas, electrical, and various other connections are re-installed safely. In addition, our team will remove, haul away, and properly dispose of the old unit.

Having a plumber you can trust gives you peace of mind. You and your family rely on your plumbing system every day, and when something goes wrong, it usually goes, really wrong.
Thompson Plumbing understands and that’s why we are committed to going above and beyond for each of our customers. From leaky faucets, overflowing toilets, and clogged drains, to new water heaters and bathroom remodels. You can count on our expert technicians to get the job done.

Choosing A Plumber

If you haven’t had to hire a plumber or you’re new to the area you probably don’t know who to call. Luckily, you found us. Your home’s plumbing system is in an important part of your daily life, so making sure it’s functioning is important. When hiring a plumber you want someone you can trust to get the job done right – the first time.

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Here at Thompson Plumbing we’re committed to serving our customers with top notch customer service. We’re extremely proud of our team. Check out what our customers say.

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